CD Review: The Legend of Hagoromo - Aaron Larget-Caplan, guitar
" ... What I found a particularly special treat was the final two tracks – Two Japanese Idylls by Martin Max Schreiner. These pieces skillfully quote instantly recognizable classical Japanese musical idioms on classical guitar - in a way that's sure to delight. ..."
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CD Review: The Legend of Hagoromo
"The Martin Max Schreiner arrangements of Two Japanese Idylls offer a mirror of the Takemitsu arrangements. These pretty, melodic, swaying works are a beautiful way to cool-down for the end of the album. Plenty of interesting effects reminiscent of traditional Japanese music and instruments: angular strong-weak melodic lines, bends, repetitive alternation, and percussion."

Review by Bradford Werner (excerpt)
This Is Classical Guitar
CD review
“… with Ken Ueno, Kota Nakamura, and Martin Max Schreiner contributing works that run under ten minutes. All are billed as premieres and all, including the Schreiner, lean toward the Japanese side of the equation, making the Takemitsu arrangements referred to above the de facto representatives of the American element on this eclectic and endlessly rewarding release.”

Review from Classical Guitar Magazine (spring 2016) of guitarist’s Aaron Larget-Caplan’s CD titled "The Legend of Hagoromo" which includes my "Two Japanese Idylls."
Classical Guitar Magazine (spring 2016)
Philosophy in Music at the Quincy Symphony Orchestra
... we heard a fascinating modern composition by Harvard’s Martin Schreiner that brought together traditional Japanese, Western and Franco-Latin aesthetics. “Tango at the Edge of Time” featured double soloists Ralph Samuelson and Yuki Yasuda on the bamboo flute, the shakuhachi, and the six-foot-long zither, the koto, ... Backed by the western-style orchestra and playing to the marching rhythm of the tango, the Japanese instruments, with sounds recognizable to the layperson from any movie with scenes in the orient, set a nuanced, foreboding tone that contrasted well with the more confident, humanistic feel of the backing instruments and Argentine dance. Any philosophers in the audience surely went home thinking of a comparative thesis.
Tom Pilla, The Milton Times
Premiere of Concertino 3 for koto by Cape Ann Symphony
"...two world premieres will meld the delicate sound of the koto with the power of a western symphony orchestra. Each about eight minutes long, Takashi Koto’s “Koichi” and Martin Schreiner’s “Concertino no. 3” have completely different musical moods, according to Yasuda.

‘Koichi’ has an inner passion,” she said in an email exchange from her home in New York, “and the ‘Concertino’ has an outward passion. I agree with maestro Udagawa when he says that ‘Koichi’ has a more eastern feel, and the ‘Concertino’ has a western feel.

In these concertos, the koto is not flashy, but blends into the natural flow of the entire music,” she says. “Both composers know the koto’s technique very well.”

--Yuki Yasuda, koto soloist
Wicked Local Gloucester, March 24, 2011
Review of Melrose Symphony Orchestra concert
“Saturday evening’s performance of our Melrose Symphony Orchestra (MSO) focused on two women — Japanese koto player Masayo Ishigure, and Millie Rich, the guide and protector of the symphony for 30 years ... Memorial Hall was enthralled by the delicacy of Ishigure’s Japanese instrument, a little like a small, flat harp plucked for delicate and ethereal flowing of tones. ... A new composition by American Martin Max Schreiner, “Sunlight on Mountain Snow,” brought richly colorful and rhythmic effects by the orchestra, the koto brightly offering dramatic arpeggios and dazzling glissandos. The audience rose to its feet to bring the attractive young musician a standing ovation. ” from concert review by Jackie Wattenberg
Melrose Free Press (Mar 10, 2010)
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